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August 8, 2019


New Castle

People before Politics

In this edition:
> In the Spotlight: Court decision on ballot
> Leaf blowers
> Honored to raise your taxes?!

In the Spotlight
It was a big win for the democratic process:  The NY Supreme Court has ruled Independent Party “Team New Castle” will appear on the November ballot. The court challenge filed by opponents Pool, Saland and Lichtenthal surrogates and Kristen Browde was dismissed; the bi-partisan Board of Elections determination of validity stands.
Why is this important? We’re one step closer to removing partisan politics from local elections. Stand with us to reject the divisive political culture that plagues us nationally and prevents us from solving our problems; it will improve local government and allow us to get more done for every resident.  Read more about the challenge our opponents waged by clicking here and chronology here.

Leaf blowers
As far back as Supervisor Sinek (2000) the Town has considered regulations on leaf blowers; the current Town Board has taken the issue further than ever, considering many provisions that have included a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers year-round. The current draft calls for a summer ban on gas-powered blowers, exempting commercial, residential and municipal properties over 10 acres, as well as a year-round 70 dBa noise limit which would limit many of the commercial blowers that could be used. The law is still being worked on; have your opinion heard. The Examiner News article from 8/6/2019 gives an update.  Team New Castle candidates have conducted significant analysis on this issue, see Jim’s Demonstration Video and our Recommendations.  We are passionate about the environment but know that if you truly want to make a difference you need to unite the community, and we believe this legislation does the opposite, all for what would be a minuscule benefit.

Speaking to a gathering of supporters on a beautiful summer’s night (Aug 2, 2019)

“We’re proud to have fought and won the petition challenge. Our opponents put politics ahead of people and it’s not good for New Castle. This needless attack is Exhibit A for what turns residents off from voting and turns potential candidates away from stepping up to run for office. I hope no candidate or voter in our Town goes through this ever again”

— Jim Smith 

Honored to Raise your Taxes?!
Westchester residents saw their sales tax increase a full percentage point last week from 7.375% to 8.375% (a 14% increase). Our opponents appear to be proud of this increase, but Team New Castle candidates will never be proud or honored to see tax increases on residents; and we see raising the sales tax on the county with the highest property taxes in the country as bad fiscal policy. It’s time for elected officials to devote as much time to reducing spending as they do increasing it. Opposing Supervisor candidate Ivy Pool posted on Facebook of the increase,
“..it was an honor to attend today’s press conference to announce the passage of the sales tax increase…” And, “This is a tremendous opportunity…to add back to our budget items that we had to delay in this fiscal year…”  An honor and tremendous opportunity? Not really.Check out the tax and finance section of our website and we look forward to writing more on this important topic soon.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th
(click below for candidate biographies)

Jim Smith for Town Supervisor
Lauren Levin for Town Councilman
Sean Maraynes for Town Councilman

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