Jim Smith

for Town Supervisor

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Jim has lived in New Castle for 8 years with his wife, Deb, and their four children.  Their youngest son attends Westorchard Elementary, two sons are at Seven Bridges Middle School, and their daughter is at Horace Greeley High School.  He is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting Group where he helps companies and governments solve complex economic, financial and operational problems.  He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Environmental Analysis & Policy from Boston University.

Jim serves at local and national levels of government wherever and whenever he feels he can make a difference, regardless of the party or politics of the moment.  He has done so in some capacity since he was 14 years old, starting with a part-time job assisting the Town Board of his hometown. He then worked as an aid to Vice President Al Gore in the Clinton Administration, the Clinton-Gore campaign, and the inaugural committee.  Since 2008 he has served on the Planning Board of an upstate town where his family owns property, including 8 years as Chairman.  Jim is also a member of Business Executives for National Security (BENS), a member-funded, non-partisan think tank where he contributes his business expertise and talent to help senior government and military leaders with our country’s most pressing national security challenges. Jim is a parishioner at the Church of St. John & St. Mary in Chappaqua.

Jim has supported Team New Castle elected officials for the refreshing leadership they have brought to our Town: not beholden to partisan politics that divide communities, but instead, focused on the ties that bring us together, and the desire of residents to have local government that puts differences aside and just gets things done.  The basic concepts of transparency, candidness, and communication would grow even stronger under Jim’s leadership.

Jim’s public service philosophy is refreshing— he can work with anyone, he is dogged in his pursuit of facts on all sides of the issue, brings creative solutions to the table, works incredibly hard to get results, and couldn’t care less who takes the credit.  He believes that the role of elected officials is not to dictate what happens up until the next election, but to be a conduit, champion and voice for those you represent, and to address problems using community input and facts.

Jim is optimistic for New Castle; against the headwinds that have driven some out of New York, Jim believes our Town can compete for new residents who will find an incredible quality of life here and who won’t want or need to leave once their kids leave the school system, but should they choose to, the Town’s actions will have gone towards improving their property values.

Jim Smith on Our Facebook Community and Political Labels

Facebook community chatter. Not so productive. It drives residents to tune out, participate less, and potential residents to flee. The good news is the Facebook dumpster fire doesn’t represent the Town I’m seeing from my vantage point running for Town Supervisor. The conversations I’ve had, one at a time over the last seven months, with…

Addressing Community Airport Noise

Airplane noise (and pollution) has become a major issue in New Castle over the past three years. Little has been done in that time to mitigate the problem; it has gotten worse. Team New Castle candidates have been fully engaged on this issue. It is an excellent example of their hands-on approach that is focused…

Sustainable New Castle: A Place to Plant Your Family

It was good to talk about a “Sustainable New Castle” vision with the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) at their monthly meeting.  They are passionate volunteers always looking for new ways to make a difference. And they do. Voters may not realize, but I’ve had a front row seat in the climate and environmental movement most…

Jim Smith in the Spotlight

Jim is a creative, results driven business leader that gets things done; the leader we need heading into 2020. Part 3 in About the Candidates. Although we have many substantive issues to discuss, we think who we are as humans is substantive too. Here is some background and thoughts by Jim Smith, Candidate for Town…

MapleSmith: Behind the scenes with the Smith Family


Jim Smith discusses his background and running for Supervisor


Roads must be paved more than once in a generation

A more aggressive Pavement Management Program is required that starts with an accelerated paving program to catch up. We need to convert our reactive program into a proactive program. Our current, reactive strategy means paving is done on a ‘worst first’ basis where there are always a long list of Town roads in poor condition.…

Jim on the Bi-Partisan SAM Party Announcement

Team New Castle is proud to announce that New York’s newest political party, the SAM Party, has just announced that we will be their candidates on the ballot for the November election. We are proud to be amongst the very first candidates in New York State that SAM has announced for their party line. See…

Don’t Lose Power with Community Preparedness

by Jim Smith While waiting at Town Hall Monday night (fully prepared for the scheduled Community Preparedness Committee meeting that must have been cancelled without notice) I decided to use the time to write about preparedness, a favorite topic. I’ve spent significant professional and personal time over the past 20 years in this arena; from…

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