Let’s talk about the issues

Some people have told us there aren’t any significant issues facing the Town right now, that all the big things have been settled. We disagree.

The next few years will bring us many challenges: From a county-level natural-gas crisis and increasing airport noise, to our local struggles to balance development, to create a sustainable environment, and to preserve the rural character and quality of life of our Town. We have our work cut out.

Listen to residents; analyze the issue; fix the problem. We hope you will see for yourself how passionate we are about taking on our biggest challenges and getting things done.

The following section will expand as we take on the issues, one at a time, in substantive form.

Aircraft Noise over New Castle

One of the most significant issues facing our Town is the growing impact of aircraft noise stemming from the approach to Westchester County Airport (HPN).  We believe urgent and committed leadership is required to solve this big problem for our community.