Team New Castle Signs…Orange, Blue & GREEN


Hi New Castle. There’s been some posts about the negative aspects of campaign signs. We were concerned too. So we did something about it; another example of the CAN DO attitude and approach we would bring with us to Town Hall if elected.

Recycle. Our signs are made from #5 plastic. Once recycled they are often turned into tables and chairs.  (Jim has some #5 chairs at home, they’re great). While recycling is an option, getting a ton of signs through the recycling stream to the right place is hard. More on that soon.

#5 patio furniture is great

Reuse #1. Our 4mm corrugated plastic signs make excellent mason bee homes. (Consider supporting New Castle’s bee population through the voluntary Pollinator’s Pathway program. And if you ever want BEE KEEPING tips just ask Jim). This is the preferred reuse because they don’t need to leave your property.

Campaign Signs make good homes for mason bees

Reuse #2Think politics is for the birds?  Well, you might be right; the signs can be turned into interesting products, including a bird house like the one pictured below. Interested in a Team New Castle bird house?

Campaign Signs are for the Birds (no political jokes!)

Reuse #3. Not satisfied with bird houses we started asking and searching for a spectacular use. We have proudly partnered with “The MacGyver of Assistive Technology” Dr. Therese Willkomm from the UNH Institute of Disability. She knows how to put campaign signs to good use, creating products for people with physical, visual, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. She designed and fashioned over 3,000 solutions last year and uses them all over the world. She is creative, resourceful and gets things done and we will be proud for her to be using Team New Castle signs to do such amazing work. Jim will be in her area over Thanksgiving and will drop off the signs and we will report back on the products created.

Whether they are recycled or reused, we will make sure our signs come down fast after Nov 5. In the mean time, cover your eyes, but we are trying our best to use restraint in saturating the public spaces with multiple signs. If you would like some for special projects just email us at teamnewcastle@tnc2019.org AND there is still time to host one on your lawn!