Jim Smith in the Spotlight

Jim is a creative, results driven business leader that gets things done; the leader we need heading into 2020.

Part 3 in About the Candidates. Although we have many substantive issues to discuss, we think who we are as humans is substantive too. Here is some background and thoughts by Jim Smith, Candidate for Town Supervisor. Also, connect with Jim on Facebook, See his introduction video, and Jim’s bio here.

You can see Jim has many talents, but you might not have known that he’s an innovative maple syrup maker right here in New Castle! Check out this fun video too.

My wife Deb and I lived in New York City for many years as we built our careers. Neither of us grew up in an urban environment. I grew up in rural Massachusetts and she grew up on a dairy farm in Australia; as each of our kids were born we became more anxious to return to a small town with a great public school system that was as rural as possible while still being within commuting distance to the city. What Town does that sound like? Our Town. New Castle was the obvious choice. I’m running for Town Supervisor because I want this to remain the obvious choice for others as well, but fear some of the key elements are in jeopardy.

Frankly, I never thought I’d run for office. I’ve always found an abundance of ways to give back and prefer to do it without fanfare. I have been a Member and Chairman of a Town Planning Board more than a decade, but never in an elected position. And my only campaign experience and political work goes back to work on the Clinton-Gore Campaigns and work for Vice President Al Gore in the Clinton Administration. But as I started focusing on issues in our Town I started to see that I had the experience, expertise, leadership and business skills, and judgement to make a real difference here; to be effective and get things accomplished, not just write plans and talk about them.

I want to help shape our Town to be the place that you want to live in with your family and call home. I would always go the extra mile to make sure the decisions impacting your lives and properties would reflect what you want, not just what I want. I take that fiduciary role of a local elected official very seriously. I’ve found energy in this long campaign by sitting down with many of you, sometimes on your front porches; and listening. We have a smart community with a lot to say, even if they do not all show up at meetings or express it on Facebook. As Town Supervisor that input would continue to energize me.

As our kids grow up in our Town (Piper in 10th grade, Lachlan in 8th, Sully in 6th, and Sawyer in 2nd) I am thrilled to see them form the bonds with their friends, their schools and the four corners of the Town itself. The one thing I always missed living here was the history and continuity of extended family- I have been inspired by my slate mate and Town Board candidate Sean Maraynes and his long term perspective of our Town. He grew up here with his grandparents and parents and now his own children. I can only hope our family roots take hold like that and I will have the opportunity to watch my grandchildren (one day, but no time soon) at a basketball game or a concert.

Speaking of inspiring, my slate mate and Town Board candidate Lauren Levin is also someone everyone should have the privilege of working aside. She is more determined than perhaps anyone I know to get things done. And she does get things done.

In the remaining month of the campaign I hope I get the chance to talk with your some more, or for the first time, to answer all the questions you have before going to the polls on November 5th.

Jim offers the Town Board a glimpse at various leaf blowers in response to proposed leaf blower legislation… taking public hearing comment to a whole new level.
Jim at his home talking to neighbors about his vision for New Castle