Sean Maraynes in the Spotlight

Sean Maraynes in the only community he has ever called home

Although we have many substantive issues to discuss, we think who we are as humans is substantive too. Here is some background and thoughts by Sean Maraynes, Candidate for Town Board. Also see Sean’s bio here.

In my admittedly biased opinion, New Castle is the best place in the country to raise a family. I’ve seen our Town through many lenses: the eyes of a Roaring Brook School kindergartner, Horace Greeley Class president, and Chappaqua Central School District maintenance worker. Now, as a young parent raising his children here, I see the Town at a crossroads.  I’m running for Town Board because I believe I can help keep the Town on the path that first brought my Grandparents here and that has since led so many of my family and friends to call this home and to feel at home.

First and foremost, this campaign has revealed a dark side to what should be productive discussions amongst friends and neighbors. From my front-row seat, I’ve seen vile commentary thrown at Jim Smith and I’ve seen Lauren Levin mocked at a public meeting. It saddens me because both Jim and Lauren have the potential to be such assets to our community if given a seat at the table. Anybody who truly wants the best for our town would embrace the value they can bring to town government.

Day after day I’m amazed by Jim’s ability to come up with evidence-based and innovative solutions to some of the problems facing New Castle, be it roads, finances, leaf blowers or airplane noise. And I haven’t met anyone more qualified to help shape the Chappaqua downtown, still plagued by open trenches, than Lauren Levin. Her background in retail, coupled with her experience on the Streetscape Committee, and relationships with local merchants puts her in a class by herself on this issue.

I admit I don’t have the management experience that Jim Smith has or the eye necessary to shape a sparkling downtown hamlet that Lauren Levin does. What I bring to the Town Board…which, candidly, no other candidate can… is the point of view of someone whose family has been here since the ’60s and who has personally lived here in the ’80s, ’90s, aughts and today.  I empathize with the longtime resident who doesn’t want to see anything changed, and I also understand the perspective of the new resident who desires a more bustling downtown.
As many issues, such as downtown development, affordable housing, and the town’s purse strings, come to a head, conflict is inevitable. However, as important as these issues are, the reason why this community has, historically, been such a fantastic place to live, is that people in New Castle treat each other like the neighbors they are. I speak for all of Team New Castle when I promise to treat every resident and stakeholder as a neighbor and leave the personal attacks to the professional politicians.