SAM Party of New York Endorses Jim Smith for New Castle Supervisor, Lauren Levin and Sean Maraynes for Town Board

Team New Castle is proud to announce that New York’s newest political party, the SAM Party, has just announced that we will be their candidates on the ballot for the November election. We are proud to be amongst the very first candidates in New York State that SAM has announced for their party line.

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Who is SAM?

The SAM Party of NY is the newest official political party in New York, and dedicated to electing responsible government leaders that move beyond divisive partisanship to create high-performing innovative government that gets results for residents, through good government policy, competitive elections, and putting people before politics. Sound familiar? YES, Team New Castle shares this view! And that is why we are so proud of this endorsement.

SAM was founded by disaffected Republicans and Democrats after the 2016 election as the “Serve America Movement,” a call to action for reasonable people to meet in the middle; to collaborate to solve the issues of the day. The party is built not ideology and division, but inclusion and good government practice.

SAM is perhaps best known in New York because in 2018, former Syracuse Mayor and Co-Chair of the New York Democratic Party Stephanie Miner ran for Governor as a SAM candidate along side a Republican, . That race earned SAM official party status.

Check out the SAM NY Website and consider joining their effort. We think SAM could be a game-changer in politics. https://joinsamny.org