Inside Chappaqua & Millwood Magazine

We love The Inside Press and in particular the Inside Chappaqua & Millwood magazine (although you should check out their other area publications for more great content. A recent cover story about the Break the Hold Foundation by New Castle resident Sabra Staudenmaier in Inside Pleasantville is a great example). Simply put, The Inside Press is an incredible community asset.

In the recent September/October edition, we also really enjoyed advertisements by local businesses and a special ad on Page 7! Our campaign ad provides an overview of some of our campaign themes. And in the coming weeks we’ll be bringing those bullet points to life as we discuss the big (and small) issues that most concern residents.

We are excited to be your Team New Castle 2019 candidates for New Castle Town Supervisor and Town Council. Please continue to visit our website and send your emails to teamnewcastle@tnc2019.org. And most importantly, let’s continue the conversations in your neighborhoods off of social media; that has been the most rewarding part of running for office for us, and we also think the best way to connect with you, to listen, solve our issues together, and make our amazing Town an even better place to live.

Thank you! Jim, Lauren & Sean