Last Call for Democracy

A petition challenge has been filed against us.

We have obtained well over the minimum number of signatures required on the Independent Nominating Petition to create a Team New Castle line on the ballot. But to honor the voters whose signatures may be challenged, we are collecting additional signatures up until today’s deadline. We will be at the Train Station starting at 5:30 a.m. If you have not previously signed a petition and you are a registered voter in New Castle you can help by signing our petition.

What happened? On Friday, May 24th four opponents filed a General Objection with the Board of Elections to begin the process of having our ballot access petitions invalidated. It is within their legal rights to do so, but we are disappointed; especially given a personal assurance that there would be “none of that” this election.

If you think this is just ‘politics as usual’ you can call us unusual politicians. We would rather be talking to residents about local issues than talking to election lawyers about ballot access.

To date we have collected more than 500 signatures—voters from each of the 16 election districts in the Town, including many unaffiliated voters who have never signed a petition in their lives, and others from the Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative, and Green parties. These are signatures by friends and neighbors who get along regardless of party affiliation; they expect us to do the same as candidates and community leaders.

Why are we creating a Team New Castle line on the ballot? First, neither major party speaks for us or to the local issues that face our Town. Spend some time with us and you’ll see: we are incredibly passionate about being non-partisan. We see how productive it can be to work with everyone, side by side on an issue-by-issue basis. Second, a Team New Castle line will help us level the playing field so we can move beyond the party labels to earn your vote based on who we are, where we stand on local issues, and whether you believe we will best represent you and all the residents of New Castle.

We told voters when we asked for their signature on the petition: this will create a Team New Castle line on the ballot and after that, in the five months ahead, we will have to work hard to earn your vote. Attempts to invalidate petitions signed by voters goes to validate why Team New Castle is seeking your support and ultimately your vote in November.