Not Left. Not Right. Forward!

Help Team New Castle collect signatures to create an independent line on the November ballot

Why are we seeking a Team New Castle line on the ballot?

Before Team New Castle candidates won 6 years ago, the New Castle Democratic Committee held a monopoly on Town government. This monopoly was built on the premise that residents would vote down party lines no matter how poorly they were served. It led to unresponsive government and catastrophic, often irreparable policy decisions.

Eventually, residents decided enough was enough. They put aside party labels, rejected partisan rancor, and ended the New Castle Democratic Committee’s stranglehold. Over the past 6 years, Town officials elected under the Team New Castle banner have put community first. Accountability and responsiveness have been restored, an unprecedented amount of progress has been made, and all incumbents are kept on their toes with contested elections.

We can’t go backwards!  For that reason, TEAM NEW CASTLE is seeking its own independent line on the ballot.  And we need your help to collect the signatures required to get that designation. This accomplishment will set an important precedent for the Town for years to come and will hopefully lead to local elections free of all party ties, much like our Board of Education elections. 

Jim Smith, Team New Castle Candidate for Town Supervisor said of the effort, “We want an independent line that is homegrown—a clear statement that we won’t seek the help of Albany powerbrokers to get endorsed for a line on the ballot.  Instead, we’ll go to folks in Millwood and Chappaqua for support, and our neighbors down Pinesbridge, Quaker, Roaring Brook and King. New Castle residents deserve the opportunity to choose the best candidate on Election Day. I accomplish more working absent party lines. It’s productive. I want to see more of that in New Castle.”

Isn’t it hard to create a Team New Castle ‘party’ line on the ballot?

You bet. It is hard. We need a lot of signatures and might not meet our goal, but we’re going to fight because we think it is the right thing to do. And with almost 3,500 unaffiliated voters in Town (a number that keeps climbing), we think New Castle residents will embrace what we are doing.

What can voters do?

If you are a New Castle unaffiliated voter (or a registered Democrat, Republican, Independence, Working Families, Green, Conservative, or Libertarian, who has not yet signed a candidate’s petition) we want your signature. Our volunteers will be out collecting signatures now through Memorial Day, and we would really appreciate your help in advancing the democratic process by signing a petition when you see us around Town. And, if you are one of those voters described above and are interested in helping us collect signatures- a few or many- we REALLY want your help.


Please email teamnewcastle@tnc2019.org  for more information.  Team New Castle is committed to: moving the Town forward; never going back to the way it was under one party rule with uncontested elections; improving the daily lives of our residents; being proactive; listening; collaborating; including; responding; promoting; and always putting COMMUNITY FIRST.  Be a part of Team New Castle 2019 and visit http://www.teamnewcastle.org.