Issues: Background & Recommendations Re: Community Airport Noise

Team New Castle offers background and recommendations on the airport noise issue impacting our community. See attached briefing sent to the New Castle Town Board and the New Castle Airport Advisory Committee.

Dear New Castle Town Board and New Castle Airport Advisory Committee:

While not everyone in our Town knows what it feels like to have 100,000 pound machines passing 1,000 feet directly over their homes every few minutes, I think everyone is starting to appreciate that New Castle has an aircraft noise problem that must be addressed.  The problem is a couple years old, getting worse and evolving. How it grows and shifts is not currently under our control. But it can be fixed.   

I was surprised from attending recent meetings that the collective understanding of this problem has not grown as fast as the problem itself.  The purpose of the attached document is to provide some baseline information about New Castle’s unique problem in its position out past the Outer Marker of Runway 16.  While substantive data is not yet available to allow me to provide the rigorous analysis and conclusions I would like, there is a lot we do know.  Understanding that some of you will be attending a meeting next week with Westchester County Executive George Latimer, I hope you will find this information timely. And of course, I would certainly be available to attend that or any other meeting on this subject.  

I have also offered some recommendations in the attached.  In particular, while the Town Board at a recent meeting appeared divided over the need for New Castle to hire expert engineering and industry experts, I strongly urge the Town to obtain that assistance.  Nobody else will focus (and focus quickly) on the New Castle problem like New Castle can.  Our rigorous analyses will become an important input into any County initiatives that may follow.  And this analyses will also form the basis for a dialog between the community, the County, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Ultimately, the FAA controls our airspace and the aircraft that use it– I also strongly recommend that the conversation be started with them as quickly as possible.

Airport noise is a growing problem in airports all across the country. Those communities that are successful in their mitigation efforts are those that have passionate citizens; rigorous supporting analyses; the commitment of the airport owner, in this case Westchester County; and the unwavering commitment of elected officials at all levels, including at the Congressional level.  I hope we can work together to have this winning combination as our team.

Best regards,

Jim Smith

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