Issues: Letter to County Executive George Latimer Re: Airport

4/23/2019 Update: We heard back from CE Latimer’s administration via email. After mentioning this issue in his State of the County Address on 4/11/2019, writing a letter to the FAA regional office on 4/16/2019, and meeting with Town of New Castle officials on 4/22/2019, we are pleased to say that New Castle’s concerns are on CE Latimer’s radar.

Team New Castle’s Jim Smith and Lauren Levin attended the Westchester County Airport Advisory Board meeting on March 27, 2019 where a frustrated crowd of residents, many from New Castle, gathered to address the impact of airport noise and other environmental issues. Jim and Lauren sent the following letter to County Executive George Latimer following the meeting to describe what they observed at the meeting and to request his leadership in addressing these issues.